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Mission and Bio

Our Mission, Reduce your Energy Bills and preserve the Environment.

In order to help reduce the Carbon footprint that is being made on the environment, we must look at using renewable, clean sources of energy in our lives.The fight against our deteriorating environment cannot be led by governments. Rather, if changes are to be made in the way we are destroying our air and water, we as individuals will have to be the ones to make these changes. Energy efficiency means not going without. It means using energy more efficiently and wisely. Eco and Eco green power-oriented products help you to make important steps in your home and business towards saving the environment. Be a part of the solution!

Use solar energy for your home or business. Join the important greenpower movement. Partner with Eco and Eco and make use of natural energy resources. It is both economically and ecologically sound.

The efficiency and reliability of solar heating systems have increased dramatically, making them attractive options in the home or business. But there is still room for improvement. Solar heating harnesses the power of the sun to provide solar thermal energy for solar hot water and solar pool heaters. A solar heating system saves energy AND reduces utility costs.

Eco and Eco helps you to get multiple rewards:

The renewable energy source of the sun saves the environment for future generations
The Energy Policy Act gives you a tax credit on your federal tax return for additional savings.
Save substantially on your Energy Bill!

About Us

It started when I discovered that I had a whole room in my home dedicated to water heating and laundry…and that I was paying a hefty monthly electricity bill (there is no gas in my neighborhood) for water and space heating.
This is really impressive especially considering that I live in a sunny and warm city like San Diego.

At that point, i started looking around for solar water heating systems, just like the one my
parents have been using for their hot water and their space heating
integrated with their wood-gas oven. If it has worked well for over 10 years back in Europe where the sun is not so abundant, here in San Diego it must work perfectly.
After my web-search, I discovered that the newest kind of Thermal Tube water heaters had not been legalized in the US yet.
I went down to Baja California Mexico to find what I was looking for, in a warehouse in Mainland Mexico.

I bought one, installed it, loved it. Then the idea to get
solar thermal tube systems certified, legalized and to sell them in the USA was born.

So here we are 3 years later! We now professionally sell and install
much more efficient, SRCC (www.solar-rating.org) certified systems
for a fraction of the older solar flat panel / solar pool heater systems prices.

We now also have a solar electricity specialist in our team that takes care of our photovoltaic systems installations.

Here is what our clients say:
Carlos Duran .
“Hello Steven, At first I was a little skeptical about the
solar hot water system. 24 hours after it was installed, I tried
the hot water and nearly scalded my hands. WOW! really hot! I love
the system and I’m thinking of replacing the flooring on one of
my mobile homes so I can run a
hydro radiant heat system. I think I can keep my whole house warm
with what that system heats. I am very happy, it’s working great!"

Li Cheng, La Mesa, So. Cal.
“My gas bill dropped 90% ! The solar system works great.I love the
feeling that I am not burning gas and the sun takes care of my
hot water needs. I will be installing one soon in my trailer at the river
and will never have to fill my propane tanks again. Thanks, Steven!
Sincerely Li Cheng” 

Eco and Eco specializes in Solar Boilers / Water Heaters for your home (residential/domestic hot water) and solutions for your business (commercial water heating) warm water heating needs. As Thermal-Tube specialists we can consult with you on how you can save on your water heating needs. It starts with a simple step, easy to do in southern California or the Baja: use the sun!

Reduce your dependency on gas or electric as we call it - Home usage, pool heating…the usage of your water heating system (electric or gas) will be reduced as you invest in solar technology step by step. San Diego Solar Water heating.

Solar power is gratis!
In rainy Europe Solar, Electricity and Water Heating has long been standard and to some extent the law. In sunny California and Baja Mexico, we have the source of solar power, a source available that is strong, free to harness and use - the sun.

Profit from the sun’s powerful rays with an Eco y Eco Solar Water Heating System. We offer Solar Water Heating Panels for San Diego and Baja California Mexico and been constantly expanding our Green Collar workforce and now have a wind power and our water reclaiming specialist in our team.

Use our “Renewables” in private homes, in commercial buildings, Pool Heating, Motels and Hotels , virtually anywhere hot water is needed. View our products page for detailed information and detailed solar equipment displays.