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Eco & Eco is located in solar friendly San Diego.

We made it our primary goal to provide you, the gas and electricity user with an easy to understand website that offers cheap solar products with or without installations.

Read more on how to easily save gas and electricity and rely on green, renewable energy sources that come straight from your roof-top.

Your Benefit:

Guaranteed products and services from us:
  • Free and Honest consultation
  • 20 years experience in solar installations worldwide
  • In stock items for fast installation and instant saving
  • From the many solar panels Available for Water Heating and Photo Voltaic electrical the two main categories.
Solar Water Heating

Great for water and pool heating in your home or business.

Function: A surface is exposed to sun rays, it collects heat that is transferred to a water tank. With the help of glass, mirrors and copper pipes. Every day, all by itself.


solar thermal collerctor
solar panel for water heating

We offer the newest generation of Solar Water Heating Systems. Insulated evacuated Solar Tubes enhance and transfer the sun rays into a hot water tank or your pool. 

The water in the tank will stay hot at all time with the solar system or the integrated electrical back-up heater (for long bad weather periods). That is why you will not run out of hot water.

What you need to know:
  • You will not run out of hot water, shower anytime.
  • It pay's itself in energy bill savings in 3 years
  • You have a positive impact on this world
  • Not expensive, $0.00 can get you started
  • Become a trendsetter.
  • Purchase and installation, fast and easy
  • Financing available, partially tax deductible
  • House-value increases, system is movable
Green Power Products

This amazing new and guaranteed technology is available in our online solar catalog for the following applications.
  • Residential Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Pool, Jacuzzi Heating Commercial / Business Solar Water Heaters
Use them in private homes, in Commercial buildings, Pool Heating, Motels and Hotels, virtually anywhere hot water is needed. Roof or Ground installations are standard.

How To Buy Renewable Energy Water heaters
  • Select a heater
  • Installation (self, by us (licensed), by 3. party plumber)
  • Contact us
Delivery can take as little as 2 days. Instant saving

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You will receive up $1500.00 Gov. solar cash

If you decide to go with us and solar you will get a detailed invoice to show all involved expenses and

Paid products will ship immediately or will be installed within 2-4 weeks. The installation will take less than one day for residential water heater systems.

Solar Electricity Panels

Solar Electricity with PV (Photo Voltaic) converts sunlight to energy. California State offers a renewable energy- cash back program and will instantly pay half of the solar installation on your Southern California home or business.

Watch your meter runs backward. It's beautiful.

Please go to San Diego Photo Voltaic for more details on how to capture this nice way to save money.
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