Commercial Photo Voltaic Cell Installation

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Solar Thermal Collector on sale

Photo Voltaic Cells produce electricity, larger amounts for commercial use needs a bigger installation by us, but we can handle it.

Solar Electric Panels are an excellent source to save you lots of money. Especially if you live in sunny Southern California.

Eco and Eco is a San Diego based solar installation company. Contact us for any size job. Go local-it’s easier.
We have technicians that have worked worldwide for around 20 years. Africa, Europe and Asia. Now San Diego and Mexico. We know what we are doing. And we do it right.

San Diego Photo Voltaic Solar
San Diego Photo Voltaic Solar

How To Buy
Solar Electricity, a hard to understand matter?
No it is not. Fill our solar quote form, we do the rest.

The basics are PV (Photo Voltaic) Cell’s that similar to a tree’s leave produce a current of electricity that is then feed with a few tricks into batteries and or the electricity grid that you are currently spending your hard earned dollar with.

Solar is good for your Businesses:

Cash and huge savings and discounted by the government.
When going Solar for your Businesses in California, the state offers a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit. Carrie able forward for 15 years or back three tax years.

This “MACRS” five-year accelerated depreciation schedule is also applicable. This allowing paybacks as low as 3 years and internal rates of return near 25%.

In Mexico is no gov. credit for going solar. But huge savings can be archived to lower your companies monthly energy usage / cost to keep you within the CFE max usage limits (No Diesel Generator off-setting is needed).

Please get your quote for your San Diego Photo Voltaic installation with us