Residential PV Solar Installations

posted Dec 20, 2013, 5:55 AM by San Diego Solar   [ updated Dec 20, 2013, 5:55 AM ]
Join our community of San Diego Solar PV panels owners, feel the joy when your power provider company meter spins backward,
especially out here in sunny Southern California or Mexico.
PV solar installation in San Diego
PV solar installation in San Diego
PV, short for Solar Photo Voltaic Cells are an excellent producer of electricity from the sun.
This can save you lots of money while it is a renewable form of energy, also called sustainable or green energy. A form of energy that just keeps coming in,
there is no burning of fossil fuel (dead trees and dinosaurs) that pollute todays air needed.

The PV cell’s work similar to a tree - leave and uses a process like photo synthesis to produces a current of electricity that is then feed
into batteries or the electricity grid when grid available, like in most homes.
Going renewable energy (wind or solar) is more then a purchase, its a lifestyle that promotes and actively betters
the air to breath for our children so they can get smarter to leave even better air for our grand children.

Good news for your wallet:
1. Solar cell installations come with a cash credit directly provided by the government.
2. Federal tax credit of $2000 for your renewable energy system (solar or wind) after rebates.
This comes directly off of the amount of income tax that you owe.
3. Your home value goes up the day the PV installation is completed, typically higher then

Good news for the environment:
A standard size residential solar cell roof top installation for 2-3 people eliminates 15,500 lbs of carbon emissions annually.
Based on the 2005 California Per Capita Electricity Usage: 7,032 kWh knowing the Emissions Rate for Delivered Electricity is 0.879 lbs CO2 per kWh
For example, if you drive 12,000 miles/year with your 21miles/gal car you will produce 11,100 lbs of carbon.
Going solar on your home is equivalent of planting 420 trees to off-set your CO2 Carbon emission with your electricity use alone!
You can also calculate your annual carbon emission(called green-house-gas) with this tool.

Choose a good partner/installer:
Eco and Eco is a San Diego based solar installation company. Contact us for any size job. Go local-it’s easier.
Our commitment to solar goes back to the 80’s when our solar panel installer / designer had been putting up solar cells in Africa for small hospitals in villages refrigerators for medicine. Later when the Photo Voltaic Cells gotten cheaper we started installing them in Spain in the 90 and then Germany for the last 5 years. Today you can benefit from over 20 years experience in electric solar installations with us right here in San Diego and Baja California Mexico.

Ready to Buy:
Solar Electricity, does not have to be a hard to understand matter. It is rather simple, just fill out our solar free quote form, we do the rest.

Eco and Eco in San Diego and Tijuana Mexico has a knowledgeable team that can calculate and install the right size solar system on your rooftop
for the right price. Please got your quote for your San Diego Photo Voltaic installation with us or from our Baja Solar branch for Mexico.