Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Thermal Collector on sale

Pool Water Heating with a solar panel in San Diego County is a must.
The sun is abundant to serve our renewable energy needs to heat any size pool.
We offer the the most efficient and cheapest way for your solar pool heater installation.
Join the big money savers with any size pool or jacuzzi in San Diego today.

Our evacuated solar tube systems are much more efficient than the older flat panel and rubber matt’s style pool heaters that we are all so familiar with from the 80’s. Solar from the 80’s is not the same as today’s (and so are the energy and gas prices).

A pool heated with solar
A pool heated with solar
One CHP unit with 30 Evacuated tubes per 2800 Gallons of Pool Water is recommended. Each on of these sets needs only 40sft on a south or west facing flat or slanted surface or roof.
We will install a small pump will be installed to circulate the cold pool water though your solar system during day time to be heated by the sun.

The solar panel is maintenance free and should last over 10 -15 years, depending on the PH of the water.

Join us now, to save on your monthly energy bills.
thermal tube heater
thermal tube heater
Your Benefits:
Guaranteed products and services
Long lifetime
Free Water Heating after installation
environmental friendly
many more months of pool usage

Quick Tips:
installation by a plumber or yourself. (it is not hard)
no, operational cost for solar heating
installed on the roof (flat, tilt, tile) or ground
cool modern look
Available for any sized pool
a small pump will be installed
light weight
efficient evacuated solar tubes
power coated steel frame
it pays itself in energy bill savings in 3-4 years.

A San Diego solar pool is environmentally friendly
not expensive, $ 2500.00 can get you started
purchase and installation are fast and easy
financing available, partially tax deductible
house-value increases, system is movable