Solar thermal collector for water heating on sale

Kioto solar thermal collector on sale

The frame solar collector FP 1.20.0 HE sc ab is perfectly designed for use in pumped systems. High efficiency due to the best available materials and newest European technologies paired with top quality makes this light-weight frame collector unique.

Solar panel water heating technolgy

Solar panel benefits:
  • Laser-welded full-surface absorber with a high selective coating
  • 10 years warranty
  • Multi stage quality assurance program
  • Optimal value for the money due to intelligent product design
  • Use of emission-free, recyclable materials only results in a long service life and environmentally friendly product
  • Tempered low iron safety glass
  • Maximum heat transfer between the full-surface absorber sheet and the copper grid due to state-of-the-art laser welding technology
  • Easy transport and installation due to a low total weight of only 29 kg (64 lbs) and a height of 81 mm (3")

Solar panel water heating
Solar thermal collector

Solar thermal collector specifics:

Technical data FP 1.20.0 HE sc ab
US Norm Metric Norm
Collector type Al frame collector
Overall area 22 ft² 2,03 m²
Absorber area 19,5 ft² 1,81 m²
Aperture area 20 ft² 1,88 m²
L x W x H 76,5 x 41 x 3 " 1945 x 1046 x 81 mm
Weight 64 lbs 29 kg
Absorber capacity 0,5 gal 1,84 l
Housing Al-frame
Surface Al, natural or anodized black
Back plate Al-sheet
Absorber sheet (Al) high selective vacuum coating (PVD)
Absorption* [%] 94
Emission* [%] 5
Ø manifold 3/4" 22 mm
Ø risers 3/8" 10 mm
Connections blank (compression joint)
Glass 1/8" tempered low iron glass 3.2 mm tempered low iron glass
Transmittance of glass [%] 89
5/8" PUR plate +
3/4" mineral wool
16 mm PUR +
20 mm mineral wool
Max. stagnation temperature
approx. 392 °F
under test conditions
approx. 200 °C
under test conditions
Max. operating pressure 145 psi 10 bar
Proper heat transfer medium
Polypropylene glycol/
water mixture
Polypropylene glycol/
water mixture
Standard packaging individually packaged

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