Solar Water Heaters

Solar Thermal Collector on sale

Trust the power of the sun by investing in our products to meet your domestic household hot water needs.
Reduce the cost on energy required to heat your water by 90%! In sunny locations, such as Southern California and the Baja, you can completely remove your existing water heater in your home and rely solely on the Thermal tubes heating system.

San Diego solar hot water systems, why bother? My hot water comes out of the faucet.
The same with our Solar Water Heater. The difference is that you will not have a monthly energy bill and protect the environment at the same time.

Your Benefits:
Guaranteed products and services
Free Water Heating after installation
environmental friendly
never run out of hot water

Your options:
System with detached tank (any number people)
thermal tube heater
thermal tube heater
thermal heater mounted on the roof it will look like this
Thermal water heater on a tilted sothern california roof
Thermal water heater on a tilted southern california roof
System with attached tank (1-5 people)
residental solar heater
residental solar heater
Quick Tips:
System has no pump system. simply hooked into you pluming
installation by a plumber or yourself. (it is not hard)
Backup Electrical Heater Included
Burn prevention safety valve included
mounts on any roof (flat, tilt, tile) or ground
no operational cost for solar heating

We know that there are other solar companies in San Diego just make sure they have at leased a 60 gallon system that produces enough daily hot water for a family of 4 to shower plus sufficient amounts for other chores such as laundry and dish washing. Start reducing the use of natural gas or electricity with our products through free and limitless solar energy. According to Environment California Energy Reports Solar hot water could save California 1.2 billion therms of natural gas a year, the equivalent of 24 percent of all gas use in homes! Our Thermosol home water heating system is a so called Thermo siphon System and we can install this system in 3 different ways. You can also have the installation done by a plumber of your choice.

As stand alone Thermosiphonic System
The function of the system as with all passive systems is the same: Warm water is rising (convection) and circulates through the collectors, so called evacuated tubes, to the storage tank. This tank has a volume of 230 liters (app. 60 gallons), is well insulated and holds the water hot for up to 2 days. The hot water is directly fed into your water lines, just like your gas or electric hot water heater used to do, when you turn on your warm water faucets.

Eco and Eco Thermal system combined with common boiler.
It’s the same as with the stand alone system with the exception that your boiler (water heater) remains installed and a manual valve is added on. This way you can disable or by-pass your boiler yet still have a back-up if ever needed. We favor this solution. The sun shines most the time in SoCal but we all know there are days with bad weather periods. It’s easy during this time to switch back to the conventional system.

A regulated system - Eco and Eco solutions.
With a system of this kind you have instant hot water available at your tap without having to use a manual valve to utilize a regular water heater on less sunny or warm days. A small flow through heating unit,regulated by a thermostat you set, jumps instantly in to heat your water. If water in the holding tank is sufficiently hot enough , per your settings, when running through the flow through heater - the unit will not turn on or use utility company power. This is also a good addition should you wish to boost the temperature of water that has to travel farther distances to the use point, such as large businesses or residences where the shower or washing machine is farther from the holding tank or source. Additional benefits with this flow through instant heater is that you do not pay for holding the water at a certain temperature in a tank(like traditional water heaters), you only pay for the water to be heated on demand as it flows through on the way to the point of use.