Installing a solar water heater

Solar Water Heater for sale

Every solar water heater needs to be installed.

Now that sounds complicated already, but for the most part the TH series systems that we sell have the tank attached and do not need any circulation pump or things as such.

On a flat roof the solar water heater will install in about 2-3h and running the cold water to it and the hot water from it will take another 3-4 depending on the water line and locations of them.

Our basic installation includes to:
  • place the solar system on the roof or ground.
  • split your cold water line near the old water heater
  • run cold water line up to the solar system
  • install a valve in your hot water line near the old water heater.

You will be able to switch from solar only (summer setting) to the winter setting. Which will let the water run from the solar heater to the conventional water heater, just in case of long rainy periods.

We suggest to have us also install:
  • anti scaling valve installed, to protect you from burn when the water gets very hot
  • pressure regulator so the water pressure in your house is a constant 40psi.

That is all there is to know for the basic installations of an TH series system, with an attached Hot Water Holding Tank to the Solar Panel.