Calcualte Solar Pool Heating

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Solar Thermal Collector on sale

Solar pool systems are very popular because the initial cost is low while the return of your money is less then 3 years. A solar heated swimming pool gives you several additional months of pool usage throughout the year.

If you invest in a solar pool heater or solar spa heater you will be using renewable energy and it will cost virtually nothing to heat your pool or spa once the initial investment in a solar system is complete. Eco and Eco San Diego Solar provides you with the options you need for a closed loop or open loop solar pool heating system or the equipment you need for a solar spa heater for your home.
This new solar technology has only been commercially available for 5 years and is the most modern why of solar pool heating.

A solar pool heating calculation is quite simple.
Start out by measuring your pool size.
wight x Hight x Average Dept = Total volume of pool.
you can use our
Calculate pools size.
tool for that.

In San Diego and Los Angeles we calculate 1 CHP30 system (30 evacuated tubes)
pool heater per 3000 Gallon of water.
Such a solar heater produces the equivalent of 2200Watts energy.

Sample Pricing for mid size pool.
$4800.00 Panels (3 Panels $1600.00/each)
$ 200.00 Pump
$ 400.00 material, piping, valves
$1500.00 Installation
$6900.00 estimated total.

On a low tech installation a timer turn on the pump that rotates the water between the pool and the thermal solar heater during daytime.
On installations with modules we have 2 sensors to compare the pool and the solar collector temperatures. As the temperature raises in the solar panel the pump comes on. As the temperature falls in the panel (night time, rain) the pump is being turned of.

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Solar energy is a renewable domestic fuel that’s widely available. Today, solar pool heating systems can be cost competitive with conventional heaters. Their advantage…very low operating costs. The most cost-effective use of solar energy today is to heat swimming pools. Swimming pools require low temperature heat which is where solar collectors are most efficient.
Installing a high efficiency heat pump or solar water pump can be used but need a much longer time to return your solar investment.

See the advantage a solar pool heating system gives you in San Diego.

Determining the Efficiency of Solar Swimming Pool Heating System
You can determine the efficiency of a solar swimming pool heating system based on the collector’s thermal performance rating if available. A solar collector’s thermal performance rating is measured by Btu (British thermal unit) per square foot per day:Btu/(ft2day) Or, the rating can be measured by mega joules (MJ) per square meter per day: MJ/(M2day) It can also be measured by Btu per day, which is simply the rating in Btu/(ft2day) multiplied by the area in ft2. Also used is MJ per day, which is the rating in MJ/(M2day) multiplied by the area in M2.
The higher the number, the greater the solar energy collection efficiency. However, because weather conditions, instrumentation accuracies, and other test condition constraints can vary, the thermal performance of any two collectors should be considered approximately the same if their ratings are within 25 Btu/(ft2day) of each other. High efficiency Eco y Eco solar collectors not only will reduce your annual operating costs, but may also require fewer square feet of collector area to heat the pool.