Stand alone Solar Water Heater

posted Dec 20, 2013, 5:39 AM by San Diego Solar   [ updated Dec 20, 2013, 5:58 AM ]
As stand alone thermosiphon system.
Is what most people would call our HP150, HP195 and HP 240.
But in fact it is a heat pipe system. Which contains a phase change fluid (acetone) which transfers the heat collected in the thermal tube up to the water holding tank by simple evaporation and condensation processes.
So at no time any water enters the collector, it only stays in the tank and can therefore not cool off as much during cold or night times. Making the heat-pipe-system much more efficient saving you even more money on your monthly energy bill.

The function of the system as with all passive systems is the same: Warm water is rising (convection) and circulates through the collectors, so called evacuated tubes, to the storage tank.

This tank has a volume of 240 liters (app. 60 gallons), is well insulated and should be sized to hold the water needed in your household for up to 2 days. The hot water is directly fed into your water lines, just like your gas or electric hot water heater used to do, when you turn on your warm water faucets. We can install a tank less gas water heater in line after the solar system for some very long cloudy weather periods. This gas heater will then only work as an addition to the solar heater.

Some of our clients do not like the looks of these heaters, so we we suggest to mount it on flat roofs or even ground installations in parts of your home where nobody can see the solar-tank-system. But at any time a pitched or tile roof installation in San Diego is possible.