Solar Thermal Collector on sale

We encourage our clients to use our forum to write down their experiences with our solar equipment. You can do so by visiting our GreenPower Forum and write ahead. Below you can read a few statements send to us by happy customers.

Carlos Duran . Puerto Nuevo, Mexico - HP 195
"Hello Steven, At first I was a little skeptical about the solar hot water system. 24 hours after it was installed, I tried the hot water and nearly scalded my hands. WOW! really hot! I love the system and am thinking of replacing the flooring on one of my mobile homes so I can run a hydro radiant heat system. I think I can keep my whole house warm with what that system heats. I am very happy, it's working great!"
bajayadayada [at] gmail.com

Li Cheng, La Mesa, So. Cal. USA - HP 240
"My gas bill dropped 90% ! The solar system works great.I love the feeling that I am not burning gas and the sun takes care of my hot water needs. I will be installing one soon in my trailer at the river and will never have to fill my propane tanks again. Thanks Steven! Sincerely Li Cheng"